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Why Does My Bandsaw Blade Wander?




Why Does My Bandsaw Blade Wander

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Are you unable to make straight cuts with your band saw while everybody makes it look like a piece of cake? Learn why does my bandsaw blade wander and how to correct your saw.


Why Does My Bandsaw Blade Wander

No need to get frustrated if you can’t understand why this keeps on happening.


To put it simply, this is because of the concept of the band saw drift.


If you are wondering why the blade of your band saw keeps on wandering, I have broken down some of the key factors that could answer your question and help you fix the problem.


  1. Blunt Blade


It is possible that the blade of your band saw is dull, which is why you often end up with deformed cuts that are never straight.


As dull blades require more force from the operator to push the piece of wood or any other material through the blade, this could cause the blade to shift slightly to the left or right because of the extra force resulting in skewed cuts.


  1. Installation Of The Blade


The correct installation of the blade is necessary for straight cuts. Hence you should always check whether the hook of the blade is facing the right direction.


Use the following criteria as a rule of thumb for the correct installation of the blade.


For any vertical band saw, the hook should always be pointing downwards, whereas, for horizontal band saws, the point or teeth of the blade should be pointed in a way that they are inserted in the material first as the blade moves.


  1. The Direction Of The Blade


It is a rookie mistake to not check the direction of the blade before you start working; reversed wiring can cause the blade running in the opposite direction, which can be the reason why people tend to get crooked cuts.


Remember, the working part of the blade should always do down for vertical band saws, whereas the blade of the horizontal band saw moves in the direction towards the blade wheel.


  1. Incorrect Alignment Of The Blade Guides


Check if the rear guide of your band saw is in contact with the blade while the band saw is not being operated.


If that’s the case, it’s highly likely that the rear guide is set incorrectly at the large forward gap.


If the rear guide is not in its place, it can exert pressure on the blade and push it off the wheel crown.


A simple trick to properly adjust the guides in their place is to wrap a bill around the blade and adjust the guides, so they are in contact with it and then remove it.


  1. Worn Out Bandsaw Wheel


The blade is kept in place by the crown of the band saw wheels; hence the blade may wonder if they are worn out as it wouldn’t be properly guided to the top of the crown. This would lead to angled cuts.




Hopefully, with the help of these indicators, you can figure out the source of why your band saw wanders; in case you are still confused, seeking professional help might solve your problem.


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