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What Is A Portable Band Saw Used For?




what is a Portable Band Saw used for

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Portable band saws are one of the most versatile tools you can own.


They are perfect for many projects and can be used for various tasks, including cutting pipes, trimming lumber, and even making precision cuts in metal.


A portable band saw is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a saw that can cover various cutting jobs and need portability.

The Portable Band Saw: A Brief Overview

The cordless portable band saw is a small hand-held tool. It is an excellent choice for DIYers and hobbyists, as it can be used for everything from cutting metal to shaping wood. It is also used by artists and artisans, who appreciate the quick, precise cuts.


The lightweight and portable properties allow you to transport it easily from one job site to another.


Band saws are available with either a single or double-cut blade. Single-cut blades are designed to make straight cuts, while double-cut edges make straight and curved cuts.


Most band saws have a two-speed motor. The high speed is used for straight cuts, while the low rate is better for cutting curves.


5 Uses Of Portable Band Saws


You can use a band saw with a variety of materials, like wood, metal sheets, and plastic pipes. Let’s discuss some of them in detail: 


  • Resawing Wood


Splitting thick slabs of wood into smaller chunks is known as resawing. Wood veneers, especially high-quality veneers for plywood, are produced using this method. Large logs are often cut into boards or planks.


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A portable bandsaw is better than a normal saw when it comes to cutting pieces of wood or resawing them. Additionally, the bandsaw can reduce the material thickness by cutting wood with a thin blade.


  • Cutting Pipes


Bandsaws are ideal for cutting large and small metal pipes around the home or workspace. A portable bandsaw is lightweight and small and can fit into the smaller spaces where plumbers work. 


  • Cutting Metal Sheets


Metal sheet cutting works well with a portable bandsaw. Its adaptability enables you to adjust the speed according to your requirements. Metal pieces typically demand tremendous pressure and a higher blade speed than wood. 


A band saw allows you to regulate the variable speed dial and pressure for clean, precise metal cuts. Heavier metal parts needing a large cutting tool are not suitable for portable bandsaws.


  • Creating Notches Or Kerfs


Making wooden frames for trusses and purlins, among other construction-related uses, requires cutting notches in the wood. The wood shafts must join with others to produce a stable structure as a foundation for additional construction. 


Using a portable bandsaw, you can create notches at precise depths with minimum splintering and chip out. Make sure that your bandsaw is angled toward the wood at 30 degrees.


As a woodworker, you can control the kerf depth with a portable bandsaw. The blade’s thinness also guarantees that the kerfs are not excessively deep, which could make the wood unstable and breakable.


  • Cutting Meat


In addition to being used for metals and woodworking, a portable bandsaw is frequently found in butcher shops. This kind of saw is commonly used to cut clean pieces of meat with minimum waste and edging.


A butcher needs to apply less external pressure when using the saw to make a straight cut. Its higher blade tension can cut perfect pieces of meat and save you time.


The Mouth of A Portable Bandsaw


The mouth size of a band saw refers to how much of the cutting surface is visible. Smaller saws have smaller mouths, whereas larger saws have larger mouths.


You would usually use a band saw with a wide mouth for cutting metal pipes, even though standard band saws have mouth widths of 6 and 8 inches.


The mouth of the saw is the area where the blade meets the workpiece. It is essential to keep your hands and fingers away from this area, as it can easily cause cuts and injuries.


When cutting materials or making decorative cuts, always use a push stick to keep your hands away from the blade. It will help ensure a safe and injury-free operation.


4 Types Of  Portable Band Saw Blades


Different blades are designed for different materials. While buying a portable band saw, always look for the correct blade according to the type of material you will be cutting.


The following are the four main types of best portable band saws blades you will find: 


  • Tight Radius-Cutting Blades


These blades can cut softwood with a 1″ radius and are approximately 1/4″ wide or 6 mm with four teeth per inch. As the twisting grain of softwood cannot pinch on this blade’s small profile, users find it performs very well and smoothly. 


A reasonably straight top-to-bottom cut is the outcome. Some of these blades come with a new Z5Ec, which makes the cutting process easier.


  • Hardwood-Cutting Blades


These blades have six teeth per inch and are around 1/4″ broad or 6 mm. When cutting hardwoods like oak, the extra teeth assist you in the cutting process faster.


With the narrower blade, you can also make more minor radius cuts in hardwood. Some people also favor using these blades for cutting them.


  • Front and Rear-Cutting Blades


More and more people have to undo creative cuts. When this happens, sawdust behind the blade will pack and obstruct the blade’s ability to move backward and cut straight lines; however, with this particular blade, you can manually elevate the Z5Ec up and down to “saw” your way out of the cut. 


  • Softwood-Cutting Blades


Similar to the blades above, except that they lack rear-cutting teeth. They have four teeth per inch and are approximately 5/16″ or 8 mm broad.


These blades are the strongest for making continuous cuts through softwood because of the additional metal on the back of the blade. These offer the best value if you don’t need to stop your softwood cuts.


Standard Functions Of A Portable Band Saw

The portable band saw has a wide range of functions. The following are the standard functions of a portable band saw:


Tenon Tongues


A portable band saw is an excellent option for making tenon tongues that will fit into mortises.


Notch Purlins


Another valuable aspect of your portable band saw is to notch purlins when building a roof.


You can climb a ladder with a lightweight, cordless version with enough power or cut the notch and carry the purlin up. You’ll appreciate the tool and find it easier to transport the portable band saw with you.


Structural Steels


Metal fabrication on thin steel sheets frequently makes use of portable band saws.


Down-Sizing Timber


Do you have a 12″ × 12″ that you wish to convert to a 6″ x 6″? Take out your portable band saw and get it done.


Meat Packing Plants


Portable band saws are used in meat-packing, meat-fabrication facilities, and in place of benchtop permanent band saws. 


The portable saws are skilled at slicing through an animal carcass and bone to separate sides of beef or pig into smaller slices, just like their larger counterparts.


Tips for Using A Portable Band Saw


Below are listed the safety tips you should adopt while using the saw as well as some maintenance tips.  


Safety Tips


Always wear safety gear when using a portable bandsaw, including safety gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use of the tool.


In addition to general safety equipment and precautions, there are some specific safety tips to keep in mind when using a portable band saw:


  • Keep your hands away from the blade at all times.
  • Use a push stick or another pushing device to feed material into the blade rather than using your fingers.
  • Do not force the blade through the material—let it do the work.
  • Be aware of kickback from the blade and keep your hands and body clear of potential hazards.
  • Look for a saw with a LED work light if you are working in low-light conditions.


Maintenance Tips


To keep your portable band saw in good working order, it is essential to perform regular maintenance on the tool.


This includes cleaning the machine after each use, lubricating moving parts, and sharpening or replacing blades as needed. In addition, be sure to check for damage to any parts of the machine and repair or replace them as necessary.


Final Thoughts


A portable band saw is an excellent tool for anyone who does a lot of woodworking or metalworking. They are versatile and can be used for various cutting tasks. Portable band saws can cut metal, wood, plastics, and other materials.


A portable Band Saw is a powerful tool that is used in construction, landscaping, and farming, and can be easily taken from one place to another.  


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