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What Is A Compact Circular Saw Used For?




Compact circular saw

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The compact circular saw is a portable, smaller version of the regular circular saw used for small DIY projects and is easily maneuverable. Discover what is a compact circular saw used for in your next home improvement project.


Because of their portability and relative convenience, they are used to cut a line in materials such as wood, metal, and plastic, as well as in tight spaces. They are primarily used for carpentry, wood cutting, and small-space projects.


What Are Compact Circular Saws?

what is a compact circular saw used for

Mini circular saw is another name for compact circular saws. They are ideal tools for people who want to complete small projects that don’t require the use of a standard saw blade.


Compact circular saws are a simplified version of circular saws. It is a small power tool with an abrasive blade, also known as a toothed blade, used to cut through various materials with relative ease and at incredible speeds using a rotation mechanism.


The mini circular saw is usually lightweight, making it easy to use and transport without straining your back or being hampered by obstacles like furniture or stairs. Its portability and mobility are its distinguishing features, as they allow it to be used in places where larger saws can’t be used.


However, it has less power than other power tools, and its small saw blade can’t cut through thicker materials like the blades of larger tools.


Further Uses of A Compact Circular Saw


Having the right power tool is essential whether you run a small workshop or plan to work on small-scale projects. If you don’t intend to use a circular saw and are on a tight budget, the compact circular saw fits the bill. 


Here are some applications of the compact circular saw:


Standard Straight Cuts


Whether it’s a circular saw or not, it’s a saw, and as a power tool, it’s acceptable to use it to make a straight cut.


Simply draw a regular straight-cut line on the sheet metal or wood, run it back and forth, and it will produce excellently accurate cuts.


Use As A Miter Saw


The compact saw is distinguished by its small size and lightweight, as well as by several other advantages. Among those advantages is its ability to be converted into a miter saw.


Simply attach it to a tilting shoe and cut carefully along the sides of the wood to achieve precise cuts. Tilting shoes allow you to cut between 0 and 45 degrees, but before you do so, make sure you have one of the best compact circular saws available.


Use To Make Bevel Cutting


It’s not surprising that the circular saw can be used for bevel cutting, given that it can make a miter cut.


The tilt obtained is the same as that obtained from miter cutting, which is 0-45 degrees. It does not provide a cutting depth greater than 1.5 inches; if you require a maximum cutting depth greater than this, you will need a saw designed to specifically make bevel cuts.


Cutting Firewood Logs


Cutting firewood logs into smaller pieces is a brilliant use of compact circular saws. Heavy-duty saws and chainsaws are used to cut the logs at first, then the compact circular saw works wonders in slicing them into smaller pieces.


Other than standard-size circular saws, the mini circular saw cuts the wood into regular small pieces with little stress.


Quick Rip-Cut


Assuming you want to make a rip cut and you don’t want to involve other equipment or the table saw, the smooth edge guide at the end of the compact circular saw can be used in making rip cuts in seconds.


Cutting Plywood


Another advantage of using the compact saw is the uninterrupted cutting experience. Because of its ease of use, this circular saw is well-known for cutting through long sheets of plywood and other materials.


To obtain a finely cut piece of wood, support it beneath to keep it on a straight cutting line and use it one-handedly to achieve accurate results.


Types Of Compact Circular Saws


The Mini Circular Saw


It is classified according to a variety of features and qualities ranging from power to speed, but they are generally classified according to the placement of the motor power and its power supply.


The sidewinder circular saw, and the worm drive circular saw are two categories based on motor placement.


The Sidewinder Circular Saw


It’s designed for high blade speed, with a motor mounted on the side and a spur-geared blade that can reach 6,000rpm at full speed.


They are short, wide, and square in shape, making them difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. They are light and help to reduce arm and hand strain during long jobs.


Worm Drive Circular Saw


They have their motor attached at the back, resulting in a slim profile and the ability to navigate narrow spaces and corners.


The motor has two gears that drive the blade at a speed of 4,500rpm. The gears enable them to apply excessive force and can be used for heavy-duty cutting, such as on concrete.


Corded And Cordless Compact Circular Saws

Compact circular saw

The corded and cordless compact circular saws are classified according to power or electrical outlet. Because of the length of the power cord, the availability of extension cords, and the availability of an electrical outlet, the corded circular saw has a limited range.


Its advantages include constant speed, increased torque, and continuous power. On the other hand, a dangling power cord could cause tripping and serious injury.


Because there is no cord to restrict movement or pose a tripping hazard, cordless circular saws allow for greater mobility and versatility in outdoor settings.


One disadvantage of cordless circular saws is their reliance on battery power, which can be inconvenient during long projects.


Cordless saws are useful tools that would be an excellent addition to your arsenal.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Mini Circular Saw


  • Whether you’re putting up drywall, cutting through hard material, or removing a laminate floor, a circular saw paired with the appropriate circular saw blade will help you avoid injury and make clean cuts. Several features, including blade depth, size, speed, amperage, and safety features must be assessed.


  • The motor is given speed and amperage. Sidewinder circular saws have a higher speed measured in revolutions per minute. The blade can make clean cuts through a variety of materials when driven at high speeds.


  • Amperage refers to the electrical output of the motor. The output of the electric motor increases the speed and torque, resulting in accurate cuts across a wide range of materials.


  • Because of the thin blade size, the compact circular saw can’t cut through thick materials, but the size of the compact circular saw determines the size of the blade. The manufacturer would provide information on the types of materials that the blade can cut as well as the blade itself, so look for the manual or manufacturer’s information.


  • There are various blades available, including diamond, carbide-tipped, and ferrous and non-ferrous blades. The blade you choose will be determined by your intended use.


  • When using power tools, safety is a major concern, especially when the tool has rapidly rotating and sharp blades. Retracting blade brakes and guards are installed to reduce the risk of injury by bringing the blade to a stop once the trigger is pulled. A small vacuum hose connects a built-in vacuum port to the saw and work area to remove dust and debris, improving air quality and visibility.


  • The compact circled saw has a couple of extra features that make it easier to use. They include laser guides, which are mounted on the top of the machine, and direct laser beams onto the surface of the cut material while guiding the user to cut in straight lines.


  • Other features include a protective carrying case that protects and organizes the compact circular saw and its accessories. The blade’s bevel and depth can be adjusted, allowing users to make desired changes to meet their project needs, as well as the cutting depth and angle.


  • Check the condition of your blade, the blade guard, and the lighting before using the cordless or corded saw to avoid interruptions or accidents. Before beginning to cut, inspect the blade insulation, remove any chips or waste materials, and put on safety glasses. A laser-guided saw would assist you in cutting in a straight line, and if you can’t achieve maximum depth, make sure you’re using the correct blade and change it as needed.


Final Thoughts


The compact circular saw is a handy tool for carpentry work, easy projects, and home tasks. They are mostly used by handymen and can be easily transported, maneuvered, and applied in corners and small spaces.


They are the compact and more portable version of the usual circular saw. While some may have smaller blades, others can be changed and modified to cut through a wide range of materials. 


As a power tool, it goes with the saying that it can be dangerous, so protect yourself and adjust your posture when necessary to prevent injuries or accidents.


Observe the blades and safety components to ensure they are in good working condition. The best compact saws offer a mix of durability and safety so assess all your options before purchasing or renting one.


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