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What Can You Do With A Bandsaw?




What Can You Do With A Bandsaw

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An electrically powered saw consisting of a metallic toothed blade stretched between the holding wheels that can be two or three in number.

What Can You Do With A Bandsaw

This tool can be used for various cutting purposes like metal cutting, woodcutting, or even meat cutting.

If you own a bandsaw or want to purchase one, you might be keen to know about the versatility of your machine.

Like, what are the jobs you can perform using a bandsaw.

Here in this article, I will provide you the detailed knowledge about what you can do with a bandsaw.

What Can You Do With A Bandsaw?

There is a variety of stuff that you can perform using a bandsaw as it is a great invention in woodworking tools. It is said that a bandsaw excels its cuts like no other tool can.

Here below, I have mentioned the variety of jobs that can be performed using a bandsaw:

  1. Cutting Curves And Circles

Cutting curves and circles has become a lot easier using a bandsaw comparing to other tools, especially a jigsaw, as a jigsaw cuts upward and pulls the dust upwards as well while a bandsaw cuts downwards and also pulls the dust downward.

A bandsaw provides you greater control and makes a lesser mess to keep the working environment clean.

You can mark the curves and cut them following the marked pattern. A bandsaw lets you cut multiple curves at a time.

You can also set a pivot and rotate the workpiece about it to accurately cut the curves and circles.

  1. Resawing

Resawing is taking a larger piece of lumber and splitting it into two or more parts along the grains. Using a bandsaw, it becomes a lot easier.

You have to make the markings, adjust the length of the blade (usually comes in modern bandsaws), adjust the table fence, and hold the workpiece tighter using a feather board and move the workpiece slowly across the blade.

Also, make sure that the workpiece you have is perfectly 90 degrees on sides to achieve a straight cut.

After having the desired sections, you can run the piece through a planer to smooth the surfaces, and it is done.

You can convert a lot of discarded wood into a useful one using a bandsaw.

  1. Cutting Notches

Having a limited cut is not always easy and can be difficult to achieve using conventional cutting approaches.

Like if you use a table saw for this purpose, you can have an overcut in your workpiece, which is not a good thing.

Using a bandsaw, you can have accurate notches and limited cuts.

As it cuts downwards, there is no problem with kickbacks when you stop and pull the workpiece back.

You will see a clean cut on both sides in the end. A minor finishing using sandpaper will only be left to work on.

  1. Book Matching

In case you want to split your workpiece in half and want it to open like a book, you can easily do it using a bandsaw.

It is similar to resawing, but it is a case where you need a mirror-like grain texture of the split boards.

You have to make suitable markings and using supports to move the wooden block across the blade within the markings. You will have that amazing texture in the end.

You can glue them together side was and have an awesome pattern. This can be a cover of your box or anything that suits you.

  1. Reusing Scrap Wood

If you have any scrap wood and you want to repurpose it, you can follow clever ideas and make yourself the desired woodwork using a bandsaw.

If you really are fond of woodworking, then you can turn some discarded wood logs into some interesting wooden designs/accessories.

Bandsaw amazingly provides you flexibility while making the cuts. Hence, your ideas can be materialized.

  1. Smart Furniture Ideas

Everyone asks for aesthetics when it comes to furniture. To cover the gap between ideas and production, the bandsaw is greatly helping the woodworkers.

You have a design and want to convert that design into a product?

Bandsaws provide you a wide range of cutting accesses when it comes to curves, splines, circles, sharp edges, complex geometrical shapes, and all other kinds of cutting shapes.

  1. Other Uses

Bandsaws generally are designed for various purposes, with slight changes in the blade and working environment.

They are used for woodworking, metal cutting, lumbering, meat cutting, etc. In the case of woodworking, there is a diverse range of jobs that you can take from them.

While for metal cutting, the metal should be thick enough like, thicker than the depth of 3 bandsaw blade teeth.

For meat cutting, there are some conditions like environment and blade type that you have to meet.

Thus, a bandsaw can be used for a variety of purposes according to your demands and needs.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you are going to purchase one, I would recommend that you buy one with a larger blade length range so that you can increase the scope of your work.

While working on a bandsaw, always keep in mind the safety precautions and act upon them to avoid any accident.

Use proper side accessories like table fence, feather board, holding blocks, and workpiece handler to achieve accuracy and avoid uncertain issues.

Take care of the machine and do proper maintenance on a regular basis.


Now that you have read this article and if you are going to buy a bandsaw for yourself, you must be very happy to know about the versatility of this machine.

If you already have a bandsaw, you have come across some very useful information that will help you to try innovative designs on your bandsaw.

I have tried to equip you with comprehensive knowledge regarding the things that you can do using a bandsaw.

Now without further ado, buy one if you don’t have one and if already have one, start working on amazing ideas yourself.

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