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If you are a veteran in woodworking or a professional carpenter, there is a high chance you already know about the best worm drive circular saw.


best worm drive circular saw

This type of saw is crucial to heavy-duty woodworking projects.


Some tasks are just not possible without a worm drive circular saw.


It is a substantial saw with very high power and the capacity to cut through almost any wood piece.


While there are so many perks of this product, it is obvious that it comes at a high price.


In addition to that, there are many models in the market and choosing one becomes difficult.


I have observed this problem and decided to give you a smart and small list, making choosing easy.


Top 6 Worm Drive Circular Saw Reviews


I have prepared this list with professional consultation, and you’ll find the best pieces in the market here.


After that, you can easily choose one while considering the buyer’s guide after that.


Without any further ado, let’s start with the reviews:


1. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw 

SKILSAW produces some amazing products well-celebrated in the market for its performance, durability, and reliability.


The SPT77WML is one of the lightest machines in the family. This 11.6-pound beast is very powerful, as well.


All-magnesium construction is very reliable as well and lasts long. There is a 15-watt dual field motor that can easily stay cooled even in harsh conditions.


The design is very ergonomic and lightweight, which means you can do every task with the utmost ease. Cut-ready depth is also there to put accurate and quick cuts.


Fifty-three degrees bevel also widens the task range, which means you can deal with more options.


Anti-snag lower guard is also there for small pieces cut. It has almost any feature which one could desire. What else do you want?





  • A good degree of tilt
  • Handy wrench stores the saw easily
  • Easy to change the bevel
  • Durable and easy to use


  • The blade lock position is not very desirable
  • There are no rubber cushions on the handle hence less comfort


2. SKILSAW SPT77W-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Aluminum Worm Drive Circular Saw

I introduce you to another addition from SKILSAW to this generous list. This model is comparatively smaller and less in weight.


However, due to these features, it is also weaker and less efficient in performing difficult tasks than its partner.


The product is easy to handle, long-lasting due to its durable bell-bearing motor, and gives accurate cuts with the help of its two-point line of sight.


A unique feature of this model is a larger foot than expected. This means extra stability and control while making cuts.


The depth of the cut is maintained by a lever adjuster. With these handsome adjustments, we achieve a better economy and easy usage.


I think you can give this baby a try without any hesitation.





  • Easy to use
  • Easy around due to less weight
  • Long-lasting and stable


  • Less powerful
  • Fewer features


3. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, 15-Amp, Worm Drive, Corded (DWS535B)

DEWALT is a great marketer in the power tools industry. Their accessories are very well rated in terms of accuracy, durability, and comfort.


DEWALT produces some real-time worm drive circular saws, which will have you thinking when going for any other brand.


The model I am discussing right now is both economic and easy to use. Magnesium footplate and increases stability, and there are durable magnesium and aluminum construction.


The cord is also strong, with better length and durability. Safety is also ensured due to the help of a brake stop, and it is easily released.


Included saw hook also enables a wider grip and more material target.


With these features and brand names, I don’t think I need to put any extra effort into getting you into buying this.





  • Easily cuts through thick and tough pieces
  • It is good for both DIY and professional usage
  • Powerful, easy to use, and lightweight


  • There is no oil, which means less lubrication from the start
  • The use is quite complicated


4. BOSCH 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41, Blue

Bosch is also one of the big players in the power tools manufacturing industries. They make some really good quality stuff which is very well established.


The model under discussion has a strong and durable magnesium housing. 15-amp motor with 5300 no-load rpm also provides extra cutting capacity and accuracy.


Die-cast magnesium footplate provides extra support and stability. A professional lever saw which provides torque and rigid housing stops the blade from un-needed vibrations.


There is a 53 -degree bevel capacity with 45 degrees positive detent for allowing tilted cuts with ease.


This easy to handle tool comes with an extra wrench board, which means easy maintenance. You also get an anti-snag lower guard for small cut-offs.


With these features and perks, you can consider buying this one without any hesitation.





  • Heavy-duty projects with ease
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Excellent blade placement


  • It’s relatively heavy
  • It doesn’t come with oil already


5. Big Foot Tools SC-1025SU BF-UG 10-1/4-Inch Wormdrive Magnesium Circular Saw

Big Foot is one of the unique power accessories manufacturers who give its product a different make, attracting the eye.


This model is a very unique and eye-catching design with extra-low effort. Strength is one of the main plus points in this machine, and it can cut through 4×4 material in just one pass.


17 lb. weight is very easy to manage and carry around, plus extra effort has been put in the building of the mainframe, which results in amazing efficiency.


There is a deluge of add-ins that come with this product, and they include 75 degrees sewing table for easy usage, different bigfoot table saw fits, etc.


Beam saw blades are very well built with a perfect balance of strength and sturdiness. You will enjoy using this baby.





  • Easy to use
  • Amazing blades
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Easy to carry around


  • Expensive
  • No oil with the product


6. Milwaukee 6477-20 7-1/4-inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

Milwaukee is also an amazing power tool accessories manufacturer. It is a great player in the market, giving tough competition to its partner.


This model is very easy to use, and durable design is made sure while constructing this. 15-amp motor with 4400 rpm speed works wonder on thick and thin pieces.


The blade does not blow down even in very harsh conditions. Hardened gearing also ensures the toughest application. Magnesium construction is also very durable.


The shoe is also composite with heavy-duty workability. There is also an exclusive oil site glass, which enables easy gauging.


I think you should try this product out and enjoy its benefits.





  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Oil enabled


  • It’s heavier than others
  • Requires more maintenance


Buyer’s Guide For Best Worm Drive Circular Saw


Now that you have undergone a list of top-of-the-line products in the market. I think it is time that you understand what to look for while going for a product.


A buyer’s guide can help you to a great extent in this regard.


With the help of this, you will easily make a reasonable choice without any fuss and choose a product which is the one for you.


Let’s get started:


Safety Features


While going for a specific model, safety always COMES FIRST. You should look for safety features in the product.


The more features, the more the price, but the money invested is worth it. Some features include blade stopper, guards and hand cover, etc.




Size is also one of the important considerations. The size you choose will depend upon your hand and the type of task you are up to. You should always get the right size for you.


There are smaller sized machines which even perform better than the larger ones, and you should certainly go for them.




While you are cutting a piece of wood, the added weight is the last thing you want. Always look for the product in the lighter size to not become a burden on you.


Cut Depth


Cut depth is the key feature of a worm drive circular saw as it is used to deal with bigger projects which require more cutting capacity.


More cut depth means you can deal with thicker pieces and get better.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are worm drive saws better?


Yes, you could put it that way. People go for these saws because of their better ability to cut. They have more power and durability.


Which is better, WORM drive or circular saw?


It is relative; the choice depends upon the type of task that is happening.


Worm drives offer more durability and power, while circular saws are meant for different products with different features.


What special maintenance does a worm drive saw require?


The worm drive saw requires more maintenance than the regular ones.


Especially, it requires more oil for lubrication, and there needs to be an oil-gear box for cooling as well.


Why is it called a worm drive?


It is called a worm drive because it has a gear in the form of a screw called a worm.


Why are worm drive saws left-handed?


They are called left-handed because they were traditionally made for left-hand use.




I hope that this article serves you well and helps you a lot in making a purchase.


Always consider the buyer’s guide before making a purchase. I wish you all the luck in the world!


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