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About Us

My mission statement is to bring the latest reviews, news, and happenings in the sawing industry, and how that can influence your journey.

I keep tabs on the bulk of the products out there and intend to provide an honest and straightforward review to my subscribers.

Additionally, my content can also range from different types of saws, their subsequent applications, and whatever I feel is relevant to take this initiative to the next level.

Furthermore, my mission also encompasses making sure that you appreciate the ironic intricacy that surrounds different types of saws, and how having the right kind can truly make a difference in your life.


On this site, I will work around the clock to introduce and recommend new products to you.

I take pride in my ability to cut through the layers and only present things that are worth it so that you can save the time and trouble of going through a plethora of reviews to settle on something worth it.

Over here, I’ll present to you things as-is in a user-friendly format and cut right to the chase.

How it works

Frankly speaking, this niche topic of ours is something that isn’t fully understood by the bulk of users out there.

If you’ve been in this field for a while, you probably have a general idea. However, if you’re just starting out, then you’re definitely in the right place!

The way I intend to take care of things is by first gauging and filtering through the particular task I have in mind.

When it comes to choosing the right saw, there are so many factors and constituents that you seriously need to consider and assess.

This includes but is not limited to, the type of job you’re planning to do, the intensity of your work, the type of wood you intend to handle, etc.

I will make sure that I address all these factors extensively when working on my reviews.


I pride myself immensely on my rigorous research methods and meticulously following the market and reviews of the most famous products and models available.

Of course, I also do my utmost to ensure that my content is never ambiguous and can present to you a rather objective assessment of the model at hand.

The goal

Personally, I think a good saw collection is arguably one of the most important things to have around if you pride yourself on being a handyman.

Allowing you versatile operation and the ability to save time exponentially if you were working manually, I believe that a good saw is the right step towards self-reliance and quality craftsmanship.

Hence, I intend to make sure that you get there.


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