Best Chainsaw For Women Reviews 2022 | Ultra-Lightweight

Chainsaw for women? Sounds a little sexist, right? Well, however sexist it might sound, it is, after all, the fact that a woman’s body is not designed to lift as much load as a man’s.


chainsaw for women

Hence the need for specially designed lightweight tools for women so they can use them without unwanted delays.


This article focuses on some excellent quality well-known best chainsaws for women.


You can choose from them without any hesitation, and the buyer’s guide will also strengthen your decision-making.


Top 7 Chainsaw For Women Reviews

In this, I have gathered a list of seven top-line chainsaw models made for women.


After a detailed overview of specifications, features, and appearances, you can decide which one you like.


Without any further delay, let us get started:


1. Greenworks Chainsaw 20212


Greenworks amazes its customers with a chainsaw, an eye-catching collection of battery-powered and electric tools.


Model 20212 is an ergonomic design made for female handling. This 12-amp electric motor-powered machine is no less than a beast and delivers quite strong cutting performance with excellent efficiency.


The bar has a length of 16 inches, and the chain rips easily through the limbs of the machine, making cleaning up a piece of cake!


There is a toolless chain tensioning as well to achieve easy multitasking and management. Wrap around handle aids in debris removal with great comfort.


There are metal bucking spikes and extra grip so that you can fall a tree with minimum effort and risk. It is an electric model with a cord provided, so no need to worry about gas or other fuels.


Oiling is done regularly on an automatic basis, and there is also an oil window that keeps you up to date.


The chain tensioning is not automatic, though. I would say that choosing this baby won’t make you regret yourself afterward!





  • It’s electric
  • It has an oil window
  • It starts easily


  • Chain slips easily
  • Consumes a lot of oil
  • Chain tensioning is not automatic


2. BLACK+DECKER Chainsaw LCS1240

BLACK + DECKER Inc. is an American firm that specializes in the manufacturing of electrical goods, home accessories, and fastening systems.


The company has proved its worth in recent years with amazing performance altogether. The machine is good for use for women as it is lightweight and easy to use.


There is a 40V max lithium-ion battery, which makes it portable and favorable in use. The oiling system is automatic, so no need to worry about your blade getting in bad shape after some time of usage.


12” premium bar and chain provide easy and efficient cutting. Tool-free chain tensioning is also enabled for quick and easy adjustment of the chain.


Full wrap around the handle provides the desired comfort and safety while working. You should consider this ultra-lightweight and amazing piece of work!





  • Long battery life
  • Automatic oiling for easy usage
  • Easy tensioning
  • Lightweight


  • Oil leak issues
  • Chain tensioning not automated


3. EGO Power+ CS1400 Chainsaw

EGO Power + is a tycoon in the production of cordless power tools. It is an amazing manufacturer of chainsaw models as well.


CS1400 is a fantastic choice both for men and women. It has a highly efficient 6300 rpm powerful brushless motor for powerful and seamless operation.


The 14” Oregon bar and chain provide extra support and ease in operation. Long life is promised due to its weather-resistant construction.


Chain kickback brake plus tension knobbing gives you both a safe and controllable experience plus an effective operation of the machine.


This sleek-looking gracious tool will suit perfectly with the hands of a precious lady. In my opinion, it is a very good deal at a reasonable price, so why not give it a go?





  • A Brushless motor provides smooth operation with minimum hindrance
  • Oil window for comfortable usage
  • Easy starting of the machine


  • The chain is slippery sometimes
  • It consumes a lot of oil, so less economical


4. COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC

COOCHER is known for producing heavy-duty beast models of chainsaws, making the tree fall by their mere sight.


This baby has a strong 62 cc two-cycle engine making it almost as strong as a small motorbike. 20” bar and low kickback chain reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.


It can bear the temperature of about 8500 degrees and has a very economical fuel consumption rate, reducing up to 20%. This machine is easy to use and very reliable despite its humongous size.


There is a real big rope wheel to reduce resistance and an additional throttle switch. Super air filter system and automatic oil changing promise long life of the tool.


The handle is ergonomic and slips free, which means comfortable and safe operation. This equipment is ideal for landowners who have regular business with the trees.


It has almost all the qualities you could ask for. What else do you require?





  • Delivers exceptional power
  • Easy to handle ergonomic design
  • Persistent and reliable design
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • The default chain and bar are aggressive
  • Not easy to handle as other machines in my list


5. Worx WG305.1 Chainsaw

Worx is an eminent producer of electric power tools with a line of attractive and efficient products well celebrated in public.


To start, there is a patented auto-tension chain system for an amazing seamless experience. The motor is 8 amp powerful with consistency in operation.


There is chain lubrication with an oil lever indicator. The design is also compact and lightweight with an amazing oil tank capacity.


It is the perfect choice for women and the lightest model in our list, weighing just under 8 pounds.


It has cord operation with no worries about fuel or battery life hence an affordable and attractive choice.





  • Auto tensioning provides smooth operation
  • Very lightweight ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • Electric


  • Requires extension cord


6. Sun Joe SWJ599E Chainsaw

Sun Joe is a renowned producer of home-use power tools. This one is also one of the big boys.


It is very ergonomically designed, having a versatile operation, i.e., can work under both harsh and light conditions.


There is a safety switch for protection against accidental starts as well. Automatic oil operation is also enabled for hindrance free experience.


It has an electric economical and useful operation and lightweight which can be used by the kids and women.


With these perks and a reasonable price, I don’t see why anyone would not want to buy this beauty!





  • Safety switch for safety
  • 14” bar and chain ideal for a range of operations
  • Automatic oiler
  • The chain and bar are self-lubricating
  • There is a kickback brake function as well


  • Corded operation
  • Not for heavy deals


7. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc Chain Saw

Tanaka is also a top producer of powered tools and electric goods used in the house. The 12-inch top handle is efficient and ergonomic.


Enjoy pure and powerful performance with a 32.2 commercial grade fire engine. The fuel consumption is less, which means economic operation.


There is a half throttle choke with a purge primer bulb for easy starts and warmups.


There is an automatic oiler and a side access chain tensioning for quick and convenient adjustment.


Added control is provided with a sprocket nose bar and Oregon chain. This is not something you should let pass by!





  • Sprocket nose bar
  • Automatic oiling and tensioning
  • Lightweight


  • The on/off switch is reported to die out


Buyer’s Guide For Women Chainsaw


A buyer’s guide is a necessary element in a purchase. Without the basic know-how of the things to be considered while making a decision, you cannot go for a model that is made for you.


Keeping this in mind, I have prepared an easy to apprehend and apply buyer’s guide, which will help you in reaching a conclusion.


The following are the salient points:




When considering a design for women, you’re looking for something small and lightweight.


However, if the operation is heavier, you’d better opt for a heavy-duty machine with as little weight as possible.




If a machine is a lightweight but not ergonomically designed, you’ll still lose comfort and tire yourself quicker than expected.


Hence, the design should be made while keeping strong considerations and deep thinking.


Battery/Fuel Life


If your chainsaw is electric, then this portion is not your concern. However, for battery or fuel operated machines, the economy is a very important consideration.


If you’re working in a field far away from your home, you’d never want the tool to stop working in the middle of the drill.


Charging time is also one of the important considerations. You need a tool with fast charging capability that will not keep you waiting while a job is nearby.




Last but not least, safety is also a prime concern. There should be a clear-cut difference between your arm and a log.


It is essential that a wrap is covering the drill near you, and there is a resistance mechanism for kickbacks.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can a woman use a chainsaw?


Yes, there are chainsaws specifically made for the use of women. You just need the right posture, appropriate strength, and proper attention while doing your job to not end up hurting yourself.


What is the safest chainsaw?


In the above models we discussed, Worx WG303 is the lightest and most reliable model with the good operation and safe usage. It is also lightest in weight.


Are Stihl chainsaws better than Husqvarna?


Stihl has lower-end torque rendering it to be a good choice for tough cuttings.


It also costs less than the Husqvarna chainsaw and requires less maintenance as well. They are preferred by homeowners.


How much does a good chainsaw cost?


A good chain saw costs from 95-210$ depending upon the size of the chain and features available with the equipment.


How often should I flip my chainsaw bar?


It depends upon the type of operation and the material of the subject. After cutting two cord or so, you should flip the bar.


You’ll be amazed at the obtained difference in the outcome.


Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?


There could be a couple of reasons for that. You may be wrong sized file for the job.


You could also be applying more pressure than required while filing. This will result in too thin, cutting edges that dull faster.


How tight should a chainsaw chain be?


This is a delicate matter. It has to be a bit lose near the chainsaw bar guide.


The chain should also be tight enough that drive links cannot be pulled out of the bar nose.




This will be from my side. I have tried my best to give you a complete and discreet overview of the type of designs and their perks used in the market.


You can choose to depend upon your personal preferences by using guidance provided to you through the buyer’s guide.


A little consideration can save you a great loss, in the long run, so make sure you choose the right tool for the right job.


Always consider professional advice when you are under confusion, and don’t try to solve it by yourself.


A good guide can help you find the right thing for the right price. I wish you all the luck in getting the best choice for her. Never give up!


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